Purpose: To acquaint the University community on the freshly rejuvenated field of Systems Biology a series of lectures by eminent scholars in the field are scheduled. This prestigious colloquia is expected to offer a range of different perspectives on what systems biology is from understanding on the system level, organizing principles for multi-level, complex, biological systems, and other focus on the use of technology in the genomic data interpretations.

The invited speakers are expected to present their perspectives on systems biology, discuss some current research and the importance of the impact of systems biology in the future. The seminars are open to faculty as well as students across the campus. This lecture series is being organized in cooperation with the Center for Computational Genomics and Systems Biology on Case campus.

Invited scholars will give a presentation/lecture and to spend a day on the Case campus discussing systems biology research and education with interested faculty and students. Travel, additional expenses are covered. A honorarium is awarded.

Date Speaker Title Materials
March 18, 2004
Olaf Wolkenhauer
Chair in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics,
Institute for Informatics, University of Rostock, Germany
Dynamic Modelling of Signal Transduction Pathways: Simulating what cannot be simulated
April 24, 2004
Jack Keene
Center For RNA Biology, Dept of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Duke University Medical Center
Post-transcriptional Regulons in Human Cells
April 14, 2005
Leonardo Lozada
Chairman of Anesthesiology
Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, Maine
Post-Operative Nausea/Vomiting (PONV) as an Example of a System Biology Phenomenon
March 28, 2006
Peter Wellstead
Science Foundation Ireland Research Professor of Systems Biology
The Hamilton Institute, Ireland
Schrodinger's Legacy and the Systematization of Biology